title: The pull of 35mm
date: 2022/5/10 12:00:2

I recently came back from a trip to Spain, it was my first taking film with me. I hadn’t taken many trips abroad after I (re?)discovered film and then, well COVID happenend.

Since 2018 when I got a Diana F+, I’ve photographed my kids growing up, my sister getting married along with all kinds of things. I invested in all the bits to develop film at home and then more bits to scan it with. Camera bodies multiplied along with lenses, bulk loading of film, reusable canisters and soon I had stacks of negatives all sleeved up. Who knows how many rolls, how much cash I’d put into the hobby.

Flying added a dimension to my process - I would say well honed but it did get me thinking about the dissapointment that comes along with the joy of seeing my images reveal themselves to me for the first time. That disconnect with what I saw in my mind and what I see on the negative or the screen in front of me. Am I striving for perfect images? No I remind myself, if I wanted that I would be persuing digital more often.

After all, the image is rarely how it felt to see it in person at the time anyways, or is it just part of the learning process? Spot the flaws, attempt to fix them?

I’m yet to find my favourite combo of camera, lens and film. Not to mention developing liquid, spiral reels (just ordered a Hewes one), scanning method. But that’s the point right? Embrace the unknown.